Letter To My Baby

August 4, 2016

Hi my love,

So much has happened in the last few weeks. We have been over joyed to tell people about you. We were telling strangers because we couldn’t keep you a secret any longer. You are the biggest thing on my mind day in and day out. I am constantly in prayer over your health, development, and future. Your daddy said he had a dream that you were a girl, so I took that as fair reason to buy all the cutesy girl stuff I could find. Don’t worry though, when I saw adorable little boy stuff I bought that too “just in case”.

We went on a cruise when I was 8 weeks pregnant and while it was fun I can tell you it is a bad idea to mix motion sickness and seasickness. Your daddy has been practicing all of the dad jokes he can come up with and drinking all the alcoholic beverages “for me”. He keeps me hydrated with plenty of fun “virgin” drinks, but the jokes aren’t that funny. I am sure you will find him hilarious though and I can’t wait to see him make you smile.  The beach where we took this picture was a little walk from the docks and your daddy literally stopped traffic so that his “pregnant wife could cross safely” while he carried all of my stuff (because “the beach bag is too heavy”. I wonder how many people thought he was crazy because I do not look pregnant yet. I hope this kind of first class service continues long after pregnancy. During the cruise I ate dry cereal the entire time because I was so nauseous. Whoever named it “morning sickness” was lying because it is all day and all night sickness for me. YOU are totally worth it and we still had a blast celebrating our birthdays and the fourth of July in the Bahamas.

For the last week or so I have felt so much better and I am so excited that we are nearly done with our first trimester together, which brings me that much closer to meeting you. Last weekend we got an ultrasound just to check on you and it was such an exciting thing to see you kicking and rolling around in there. You might be a little ninja when you grow up. You sleep with your arms covering your face, you have long legs, and the most adorable little face.

The reason I am writing you today is to tell you that we just got a call from the OB to tell us our blood testing has come back. I am 13 weeks pregnant and we now know what gender you are. You are low risk for any genetic disorders or problems and we are praising the Lord! Though I have been dreaming of bows and pink frilly dresses they told us we were having you, our little man.

I can’t begin to tell you what this means to me. Growing up I always wanted to have a little boy first, so that all my other children had a big brother to take care of them. Your daddy is ecstatic because you will “carry on the Marchok name”. I am so excited and emotional because I feel so blessed that you are a little boy (and hopefully a mama’s boy). I will get to be your first love, and I’ll get to dance with you at your wedding. I will help you form your opinion of what a healthy relationship is so that you will treat women with respect and kindness; that will eventually be utilized in your marriage. I will be able to teach you how to have compassion for others and your daddy will be able to teach you how to be a strong man. Dustin will be your coach and teach you how to be an “allstar” at so many sports. He will get to show you how to lead a family. We will get to be parents, together, because of you. I cannot begin to explain how blessed I feel.

I love you. I am so thankful for you. I cannot wait to meet you, my little man.

Love always

Your Mommy



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