The Sickness

Having a sick baby is the worst!

Brayden is 11 months old and this is really the first time he has been sick, thank the Lord. It hit him like a ton of bricks on Friday afternoon. He seemed okay in the morning and then when he woke up from his morning nap he was SO hot. His temperature was 101. 3 and immediately I was worried. I called the pediatrician and waited (impatiently) for a call back, all the while sending Dustin videos of baby lying in my lap and whining. Brayden went down for his afternoon nap before I heard from the nurse, who encouraged me to bring him in to see the doctor. When I woke him up his temperature was 101.9 and he was so pitiful.

At the pediatrician, Brayden just sat in my lap during our wait and visit, which is not normal for my super rambunctious baby. He tested negative for the flu and for RSV so the doctor determined he had a virus and with plenty of rest and fluids he should get better within the week. Dustin rushed to meet us at the pediatrician and when was very upset when Brayden clung on to him for fifteen minutes straight.

So we were quarantined at home for the weekend and spent so much time cuddling and sleeping. Brayden’s highest temperature was 102.9 and we kept Tylenol and Ibuprofen on rotation. Fortunately, albeit a couple rocky evenings, B still slept wonderfully. Sleep training for the win!!

On Monday, Brayden slept in an extra hour, and was very cool and clammy when he woke up. His temperature was 97.3 and he acted lethargic all morning. That scared me almost as bad as the super high temperatures the night before. Fortunately after his morning nap he woke up and was about 75% normal. I can handle a clingy, cranky baby as long as he is feeling mostly better. So we are on the up and up and I am hopeful to resume our normally scheduled programming this weekend.

My heart goes out to the families who have been sick with the flu, RSV, and all sorts of viral infections this season. Having sick little ones is so heart breaking, and some aren’t as lucky as we were. I pray that competent scientists and doctors will soon find an appropriate treatment that will prevent any further morbidity and mortality due to these “bugs”.