If you were to ask all of your friends to review their 2017 I am sure you would have a mixed bag of opinions- for some it was the best year EVER and others couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Personally, I had the most wonderful year of my life! I delivered my happy, healthy, amazing little boy, grew closer with my husband, spent a lot of time with my mom and really owned this “working mom” thing. That is not to say that other aspects of my life didn’t change or get pushed to the back burner, because they did. However, filling each day with gratitude for the blessings I enjoyed and the things I accomplished, really made this year one I will never forget. I just can’t get enough of this amazing life I have some goals that I hope will make 2018 even more amazing than my last year.

If I were to describe myself in 3 words, one of them would be creative. I love crafts, art, photography, beauty. I have this dialogue in my head that consists of love letters to my baby (and hubby), recommendations for products to try or avoid, and mom-life solutions to struggles that I spent a lot of time researching. In 2018, I want to put pen to paper so to speak and combine all of these passions by creating a blog. This is such an exciting goal for me because I want to express myself in a fun way. I have been so grateful for the blogs that have answered questions and given me tips, and I want to put all of the things I found relevant together in one place to help others. Stay tuned for all I can dish about life, love, and motherhood.

My second resolution is SO typical but is a necessary cliché for me this year. I need to get my health in gear. In 2016 I was participating in the Tone It Up “Bikini series” and was following their meal plan, exercising every morning and running as often as I could get my husband out of the door. I lost 20lbs in 8 weeks and was feeling fabulous. During this time I found out I was pregnant and my growing babe was reason to continue to eat well, learn about my body and take care of myself. In 2017 after my baby joined our little wolf pack, I ate EVERYTHING. I was so hungry all of the time and craved sweets, a dark beer and a good nap daily. Breastfeeding seems to make one ravenous but the best part was that I lost all my baby weight (which was less then 20lbs) even though I was surviving on garbage. This brings me to my health goal for 2018. I am jumping into another TIU challenge, going to meal prep and get in some exercise in the form of pure barre classes and cardio. I am also going to nix the sweets and nix the brews (fingers crossed my milk supply doesn’t tank as a result). I know that I will feel better as a result and I owe it to my little guy to fuel my body right, so that I can keep up with my little “adventure baby”.

My next goal is to limit the time I spend playing on social media. There are so many great uses for these platforms and I don’t regret interacting and keeping in touch with people this way BUT I want what I am doing to be more intentional. I also don’t want my baby boy to only know my face when it is behind a phone screen. When Brayden was 4 months old and started noticing the TV instead of nursing or playing with me, I decided to stop watching TV while he was awake. Now the only time that I will sit on the couch in front of the “tube” is after the baby is asleep when I watch a show or movie with my hubby. For him, he finds that a way to unwind and relax after a hard days work and he wants me to appreciate that time with him. Just like I went “cold turkey” on screen time for Brayden’s sake, I plan on drastically limiting the time I spend just scrolling through the many platforms at my fingertips.

Raise your hands if you spent way too much money online shopping in 2017? If I could throw up both hands and feet at the same time I would. I blame it on the fact that I needed clothes for my ever changing body and all the time up in the middle of the night led me to sink a billion dollars into Amazon’s two day delivery products. I have got to rein it in for this New Year. My goal is to pay more money to student loans each month and for my hubby and I to really stick to our budget. It is back to the Dave Ramsey method for us!

One of the things that took a huge back burner for me was the time I invested in my church family. This is one of my greatest regrets because I LOVE our church and the community we have become a part of. Part of the reason for this, is that we have been watching church service online each Sunday because Brayden’s morning nap falls inconveniently during the middle of both services offered. I know that this is just a phase and I know that one day we will be able to make a service while our boy learns about the Lord in children’s church. With that being said, I have never relied on prayer more than I have this year. I am constantly praying for my little one’s wellbeing and praising the Lord for His unwavering faithfulness. In 2018, I would like to jump back into helping out our church in some way, as we had since we were newly weds. I also want to have a quiet time every single day, even if it requires waking up ten minutes early to do so. Lastly, I would like to start praying out loud with my husband every night. The times in our lives that we have done this together were some of the times that we were most on the same page about our hopes, dreams, and gratefulness.

Lastly, my goals for my family may just be the most nearest and dearest to my heart. I have been given more then I could ever ask for when it comes to those boys, who make our house a home. Dustin is the most gracious, loving and hardworking husband. I truly want to make him feel appreciated and loved every minute of everyday. I want to be patient, and slow to anger when it comes to his missteps. I want to be the kind of wife that I would like my son to have one day. Brayden is just everything I could’ve dreamed he would be and more. He feels like the missing part of me; like literally the most important piece to my soul, making me whole only now that I know him. When I hold him I feel like my life is complete. When I look at him my heart could literally explode. I want to be the best mom for him. I want to feed him healthy foods, and read to him every day, and teach him right from wrong so that he becomes the amazing person God created him to be. This goal for my boys is a bit abstract, but I will spend everyday setting the bar high and hoping to reach that unrelenting love that has been given as an example to me by my maternal role models.

Above all else, I know that it is imperative to be grateful for each and every day. Every breath on this earth with my loved ones is a dream come true and I pray that 2018 yields so many memories with them. I hope everyone has a blessed new year and cannot wait to see how the Lord blesses you all! This blog is my first step in the means to express myself in 2018 and I hope that you will subscribe and read my future posts! Cheers to a fabulous new year!



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